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A 200 Line TDM/PAM  Electronic Exchange.
Without using  Hybrid Transformers and Relays.  what a wonder
 (1985)  - The exchange was designed in a modular fashion -
 each module has a Microprocessor and controls objects
 in its module, communicates with other module for 
 desired operations.
SLIC- 8 subscriber lines are serviced by this card along with tone and 
signaling . The Ringer voltage of 75V @ 17Hz was applied through 
transistors thus avoiding Relays also the Hybrid coil was supplemented 
by a multiplexing technique for 2/4 & 4/2 wir conversion.
Switch Cross Point- this module managed the swithing crosspoints and 
interacted with other modules.
Global Memory Module - This was the telltale large data exchange area 
for all the modules. As other modules it also has a Microproceesor 
managing it. Al;l modules used the 6502 MICROPROCCESSOR.