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DESIGNED & DEVELOPED:* Automatic-test-equipment -Missile Final Check-Out for MILAN MISSILE. & JET Deflector for MILAN MISSILE. DESIGN PRINCIPLE: A NEW CONCEPT OF AN ANALOG MEASUREMENT BUS WAS DEVELOPED AND INTRODUCED FOR IMPLEMENTING THE AUTOMATIC MEASUREMENT FEATURES. State of the art design utilizing EURO Enclosures of 5U, PCB Single EUROCARD 64 pins for Analog and Digital I/O. Processing Board PC 386DX Mother Board with 1 MB RAM, SVGA Video, FDC/HDC. JIG specially fabricated to match the Missile Connectors and mechanical placements. Separate JIGs for both the ATEs. Analogue input measurement: 1 m Ohm to 100 M Ohm with resolution of 0.1%. 5(V to 300V DC with resolution of 0.1%. Analogue Out-put:- Dynamic Display of digitized wave form on CRO and Video Monitor. Programmable power supply 0 to 13 V DC - 0.1% resolution. Digital I/O:- Relay matrix for connection managements [operation and verification]. OPERATIONS:- To test all inputs and outputs in Cold/Operating conditions. Simulate the operation of UUT and display/measure the wave-forms/voltages. Compare and give "GO/NOGO". Print List of Parameters tested and result of evaluation. LONG TERM ACCURACY:- * ( 0.1% drift per year - Green Certification (ISO 9001)..( SOFTWARE:- Language used:- C and Assembly(ROMed). Auto Power-on Self Test of all the the parameters. Auto/Manual Run of Tests. Operator Security. UUT Trace ability and reference.. The above was developed and installed for a leading Defence Production Establishment