<HTML> <BODY BGCOLOR=PINK TEXT=GREEN><H2><PRE> DESIGNED & DEVELOPED: * Automatic-test-equipment - Missile Final Check-Out for MILAN MISSILE. & JET Deflector for MILAN MISSILE. DESIGN PRINCIPLE: State of the art design utilizing EURO Enclosures of 5U, PCB Single EUROCARD 64 pins for Analog and Digital I/O. Processing Board PC 386DX Mother Board with 1 MB RAM, SVGA Video, FDC/HDC. JIG specially fabricated to match the Missile Connectors and mechanical placements. Separate JIGs for both the ATEs. Analogue input measurement: -1 m Ohm to 100 M Ohm with resolution of 0.1%. 5(V to 300V DC with resolution of 0.1%. Analogue Out-put:- Dynamic Display of digitized wave form on CRO and Video Monitor. Programmable power supply 0 to 13 V DC - 0.1% resolution. Digital I/O:- Relay matrix for connection managements [operation and verification]. OPERATIONS:- To test all inputs and outputs in Cold/Operating conditions. Simulate the operation of UUT and display/measure the wave-forms/voltages. Compare and give "GO/NOGO". Print List of Parameters tested and result of evaluation. LONG TERM ACCURACY:- * ( 0.1% drift per year - Green Certification (ISO 9001)..( SOFTWARE:- Language used:- C and Assembly(ROMed). Auto Power-on Self Test of all the the parameters. Auto/Manual Run of Tests. Operator Security. UUT Trace ability and reference.. The above was developed and installed for a leading Defence Production Establishment </H2> <a href="MRDPROJ.HTML"><h1>BACK TO MY R & D PAGE</h1></a> </TD></PRE></BODY> </HTML>
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